icon Utra Slim Magnetic Wireless Charger Power Bank

Ultra-Slim Magnetic Wireless Charger Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

About This Item

The Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is the perfect solution for those who need a reliable and fast way to charge their devices.

With a built-in induction coil, this power bank can wirelessly charge all Qi-enabled devices at speeds of up to 15W. Additionally, the power bank features a USB-C port for wired charging at speeds of up to 22W, as well as an additional USB port for simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

With its advanced charging technology, the Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is the perfect way to keep your devices charged and ready to go.


  1. Material: Aluminum frame
  2. USB Type C: PD20W
  3. Wireless: Maximum 15W, supports 5W / 7.5W / 10W
  4. Wireless and Type C port: DC 5V/3A Max (at the same time)
  5. Input: 5V/2A, TYPE-C input port
  6. Capacity: 5000mAh
  7. Size: approx. 6.7x6.7x1.5cm/2.64x2.64x0.59in