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Return Policy

We have a 5-day refund policy, which means you have 5 days after receiving your item to request a refund.

Nik & Nakks is an online e-commerce company we rely on drop shipping to supply our customers with the products of there choice, we are not suppliers. The product supplier company we work with is Zendrop we utilize Zendrop to ful-fill all of our customer orders.  



- Returns:

For orders made through Zendrop Fulfillment, we don’t require anyone to return anything.

Shipping an item back to the warehouse in China is very expensive so it doesn’t make sense to do that. We’ll always issue you a refund for any orders that you refund your customers with no questions asked.

- Refunds:

For shipped orders, Zendrop will issue a no questions asked refund if you have also issued a refund to your customer, and it is within 30 days of the order being delivered.

-> There must be proof of purchase, screenshot defaults and a reasonable request in writing to be eligibile for a refund. Thank You sorry for the inconvenience