Floating Underwater Bath Light| Underwater Swimming Pool Light Spa Lamp

About This Item

Light Source: 6 LEDs

Colors: Red, Green, Blue

Material: food-grade PC

Battery Type: 3*AAA Batteries(battery not included)

Product Dimensions: 10.5*10.5*8.5cm

Package Weight: 155g (battery not included)

How to Use

Step 1.Hold the bottom with one hand while anticlockwise twisting the lid with another hand until Until the lid is unscrewed

Step 2.Screw out the three screws, and take out the cover. put three AAA battery into the battery case, make sure the battery's anode and cathode are correct

Step 3.Put on the switch to check if it will work, if it works then long-pressing on the switch and it will turn off

Step 4.Lastly, tightening the screws back if not,the water will ruin the battery, then will be damaged


1. The light should be floating on water rather than submerging under the water!

2. To turn off the light, just press the button and holds for 3 seconds.