icon Portable 2-in-1 Space Heater and Cooler

Portable 2-in-1 Space Heater and Cooler

About This Item

Looking for a small and convenient space heater that is perfect for office and home use? Try the Portable 2-in-1 Space Heater and Cooler.

This powerful little heater features a hidden handle design and comes with a LED light with 7 different colors to choose from – so you can customize it to match your décor. The temperature range is adjustable from 25°C-32°C (77°F-89.6°F), giving you the ability to set it to your perfect comfort level.

And for added convenience, there is an intelligent timing function that allows you to set 2H/4H/6H automatic timers. So whether you’re looking to take the chill out of the air on a cold day or add some extra warmth on a cool night, Nik & Nakks has the perfect solution for you.  Manula only no remote control included.