icon Digital Smart Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Digital Smart Watch Smart Watch with Fitness Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor

About This Item

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Looking for a high-tech way to track your workouts? Check out our amazing Digital Smart Watch! This top-of-the-line wristwatch is perfect for anyone who wants to stay fit and active. It has all the features you need, including Bluetooth capabilities, a digital clock, and a fitness tracker.


You can wash your hands and face while wearing it. But it doesn't support bathing, swimming, or diving.


  • 1. Supports Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4 +, IOS 8.0 +
  • 2. Touch the screen to control the wristwatch
  • 3. Steps, calories, distance:
  • When exercising, it can record the number of steps, the calories burned the running trajectory and the distance to the destination.
  • 4. Heart rate monitor:
  • It will accurately monitor and record your heart rate.
  • 5. Blood pressure monitor:
  • It will accurately monitor and record your blood pressure.
  • 6. Sleep monitor:
  • When sleeping, it can monitor the time and quality of sleep.
  • 7. Sedentary reminder:
  • Set the sedentary reminder time, it will vibrate to remind you to rest.
  • 8. Alarm
  • 9.  Drinking water reminder:
  • Set the drinking reminder time, it will vibrate to remind you to drink water.
  • 10. Remote control photography:
  • Within 10 meters, you can shake it to control the phone to take pictures.
  • 11. Message and call reminder:
  • When the phone receives a call or a message, it will vibrate to remind you.